Specializing in Working Capital, Car Wash & Hospitality Lending

Business Financing is what we do – Creating Custom Solutions is who we are !

  • Convenience Stores
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Restaurant Franchises
  • Refinancing or Partner Buy-out
  • Medical Facilities and Care
  • Day Care
  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Warehouses and Manufacturing
  • Private Schools
  • Office Buildings
  • Improvements or Renovations
  • Gas, Lube, and Carwash
  • Furniture
  • Construction or Expansions
  • Inventory
  • Closing Costs
  • And so much more

Creating CUSTOM FINANCING SOLUTIONS for borrowers is my passion. It may be welcoming the first overnight hotel guest to a newly designed and furnished room (made possible with our FF&E loan), a ground-up hotel construction loan, or a car wash running the first car through its tunnel, I get a thrill of satisfaction knowing that SBA-Capital helped to make it happen!

Business Development is in my blood and my entire career has been centered around owning and operating my own business. Upon graduating from college, I started a construction and land development company. We converted land that appeared to have little purpose into planned communities, housing thousands.

My company was a borrower for many years as we were developing and constructing “planned residential communities” and commercial projects. Because of my experience a group ask me to join them in 1982 to apply for a Pavillion Bank Charter.  My position changed from a borrower to a borrow and lender. In 2008, after retiring from my developing and constructing company, my focus has been 100% devoted to lending.


Anything we can do to give our borrowers an edge supports my personal slogan “Business Financing is what I do – Creating custom solutions is who I am”.

SBA lending has become my favorite over the past few years due to all the befits my borrowers receive from SBA Guaranteed loans. It is not uncommon to secure a SBA Ground up hotel construction loan or a loan to purchase an existing hotel, and simultaneously secure a FF&E loan (Furniture, Fixture, & Equipment) for the same borrowers five-year-old hotel. Additional paper work is involved for SBA but, once you understand the requirements, the extra work we do for our customers provides them with a much superior loan.

SBA Loans and Your Business

SBA was founded to help the local business person and create jobs in the U.S. The program has exceeded all expectation creating hundreds of thousands of jobs each year and total annual loans typical exceed 30 Billion dollars annually. Our objective at SBA-Capital is to make it possible for our borrowers to select and obtain the best possible loan for their financial and wealth planning.

SBA-Capital offers SBA loans to business owners nationwide. As a Dallas, Texas based company, our lending team has been providing quality service for our customers for 32 years. Our objective is to match your short and long term financial needs to the best SBA loan program available.

Anything we can do to give our borrowers an edge supports our personal slogan “Business Financing is what we do – Creating custom solutions is who we are”. Please contact Hershel Pierce for a free recommendation on which loans you should consider for your financial planning.