Loan Types

Requirements to obtain 0% down

1. Must be owner occupied Commercial Real Estate (see below)

2. Per SBA, owner occupied is described as: If you already own or you purchase an existing building owner/borrower must occupy at least 51% of the existing building. If the loan is for ground up construction you must occupy at least 80% of the new building.

3. Loan includes land, building, improvements, closing cost, and other borrowing needs such as equipment, machinery, office furniture, working capital, etc. up to the maximum allowed by SBA policy.

4. SBA structured this loan to appeal to the Manufacturing & Distribution Companies.

5. Distribution Industry – example that qualifies for 100% financing: An auto parts distribution business where the owner may supply auto parts to dealers and/or the public. Owner/Borrower would own the building and business, owner would work in the business and it would be owners primary livelihood. Owner will occupy at least 51% of the building if it is an existing building and at least 80% if the loan was to construct a new building. There is not a minimum or maximum number of employees. Substitute auto parts for another product and the eligibility list continues.

6. Manufacturing – Applies to all manufacturing. There is no limit on the number of employees (small or large). As stated in #5 above the owner/borrowers must occupy a minimum of 51% of an existing building and 80% of a new building. Example, should you have a manufacturing plant making gadgets in a plant that was an existing building when the business started you only have to occupy 51% or more to qualify…..if you built the building you would be required by SBA to occupy 80% or more of the building. Substitute the above “gadgets” for say pots and pans or other products and the eligibility list will continue to expand.

7. To summarize: The 100% loan is available for general purpose owner/user of commercial real estate in the Distribution or Manufacturing business but may qualify on rare occasions in other unique business circumstances.

8. Please contact us with specific questions you may have including “WILL MY REAL ESTATE/OWNERSHIP QUALIFY FOR THE 100% LOAN.


Equity required will range from 0% to 20% down.  For your convenience, we have included extensive information on the most often used SBA loans allowing you to create your personal “SBA Manual”. The written and phone communication you will have with SBA-Capital, along with your personal SBA manual, will allow you to select the best SBA loan available for your current and future financial requirements.

SBA 504

80% Financing.  The funds acquired through an SBA 504 may be used for purchase of machinery and/or equipment, land including existing buildings, new construction, and renovation or modernization of an existing building.  Amounts Available $1,000,000 to $12,500,000.  Learn More

SBA 7a

Loans from $500,000.  Up to 90% Financing.  SBA-Capital SBA 7a Loan is the most widely used loan available. The loan can be used to buy out your partner provided they own 20% or more of the ownership. The loan is also popular to purchase existing or build from the ground up hotels, franchised restaurants, convenience stores, day cares, medical facilities, and most all “for profit business”. All SBA 7a Loans are assumable.  Learn More


USDA B&I Guaranteed Loan for Commercial Real Estate
Borrow $500,000 to $10,000,000he USDA B&I Guaranteed Loan for Commercial Real Estate was created to improve, develop, and finance businesses and industries within rural communities identified by the USDA.  Learn More

Typical Loan used: SBA 7a (includes closing cost, construction interest, & working capital)
Max Amount of Loan: $5,000,000
Length of Loan: Typically 20 to 25 years
How Funds are used: Available for Ground Up Construction or Existing Property
Do I qualify for loan: Contact SBA-Capital for your free loan review and pre-approval
Cost of loan: Depends on experience, amount down, etc. Contact us for details