Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment ( FF&E )

Here are a few important things to know about FF&E loans:

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1.  Used by Hotel owners to replace older furniture and other specific upgrades required by the Franchisor. Very popular loan because hotels typically replace FF&E ever 5 years.
2.  The loan also used by car wash owners to replace and upgrade the equipment in their upper end car wash investment. Depending on the equipment it may need to be replaced ever 5 to 10 years so the FF&E loan is important to the car wash industry.
3.  Typically, not a SBA loan
4.  Loan amount usually ranges from $500 K to $2. M
5.  No money required down if you have adequate equity in the property
6.  Loan is not intended for renovation to the building. However, typically 20% of the loan can be used for hard cost such as moving walls, small additions such as covered entry etc. If the borrower needs construction improvements, they should use the PIP loan as described on this website.
7.  Length of the loan is typically 8 to 10 years.

Please contact us if you would like specifics on what can be included in the FF&E loan. We will also provide you with a free loan review and pre-approval if you request.