Feel the Love

I can’t thank everyone, at SBA-Capital, enough for making this possible. Working with you, Mike, Steve, Judy, Abigail, and Roxie was amazing. You guys made it a very smooth and easy process. We’re very excited about what the funds, and our vendors, were able to accomplish in just 42 days! Big Man was a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to what we are now able to offer. Once again, we send our gratitude to all that made this possible. 

Larry Ayres

President, President All American Car Wash, Wichita Falls, TX

Hershel is very professional who places the needs of his clients very much above his own needs. He is very conseanxious of what the clients needs are and does his best to give excellent suggestions. At my first meeting Hershel did not know me at all and yet he guided me and protected the interests of both my wife and me to which I am indebted to him till today.

Jessi Singh

Medical Director, Texas Tech

Hershel is a long time friend, competitor in homebuilding, fellow member and former President of the Dallas Builders Association, a lender and Founding Director at Pavillion Bank in Richardson. In addition to the Dallas Builders Association, have been pleased to serve with Hershel in the Texas Association of Builders and the National Association of Homebuilders. He has one of the most solid reputations of anyone with whom I’ve been associated over the years. I am happy to recommend Hershel as a man with whom one can feel confident in that they are dealing with a man of good character who is trustworthy and will “go the extra mile” to make a business deal a successful one.

Steve Goodman

Owner, Goodman Land Advisors

Hershel is the best in the business.

Daniel McCutchen

Owner, Express Car Wash

Is exceedingly experienced and knowledgeable regarding all aspects of commercial and residential real estate, whether the focus is acquisition, development, construction or finance. I have had the pleasure of being closely associated with Hershel for a large number of years and have the utmost confidence and admiration for his honesty, integrity and work ethic. I know of no one I would more highly recommend on either a personal or professional level than Hershel Pierce.

Marshall Dooley

President, Dooley & Associates

Hershel is one of the most experienced industry professional I have met. He brings probably the best mix time proven conservative best practices and forward thinking skills in the lending industry. His strong depth of knowledge and creative problem solving ability makes him a great thought partner. He always puts the client’s interest ahead of his own and delivers the most reliable and timely support. He is a trusted ally and I continue to enjoy working with him.

Farhan Hasan