Working Capital Loans

Working Capital is critical to the success of any company. If you are unable to pay employees, vendors, administrative Cost, etc. your business will not survive. SBA-Capital specializes in Working Capital Loans that make funds available to pay the above expenses provided your company has the financial capacity to support a working capital loan. SBA-Capital works with your staff to create a business plan that will hopefully support the Working Capital Loan. Or, if the business plan shows you do not have the assets to support the working capital loan, you may choose to immediately scale back and reduce expenses until the company stabilizes.

With or Without Real Estate If you lease vs. own the real estate the lease must extend beyond your loan maturity. SBA-Capital arranges Working Capital loans up to 10 years with no pre-payment penalty.

Interest rate savings on SBA-Capital’s Working Capital Loans are typically much lower (up to 50% + lower) than Traditional Working Capital loans because SBA-Capital loans are guaranteed by the US Government SBA loan program. Down payment equity will range from 0% to 20% on Working Capital Loans based on the net worth and earnings of your company. Comparison of SBA-Capital Working Capital loans to Traditional working capital loans typically shows SBA-Capital interest rates are significantly less and amount of equity required to secure the loan is also less at SBA-Capital.

Anything we can do to give our borrowers an edge supports our personal slogan “Business Financing is what we do – Creating custom solutions is who we are”. Please contact Hershel Pierce for a free recommendation on which loans you should consider for your financial planning.

For Additional Information on Working Capital Loans:  Working Capital and SBA Loans  

Use Your Working Capital Loan For 

LOAN AMOUNT – Based on your companies needs and ability to support the additional debt.

INTEREST RATES –  Typically lower than traditional financing when compared.

LOAN TERMS – Up to ten years to keep your monthly payments low & no prepayment penalty.

WITH OR WITHOUT REAL ESTATE – You qualify if you lease or own your property.

HOW TO QUALIFY – Complete and return the form below or contact SBA-Capital with questions.



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