SBA-Capital Provides Game Changing Restructure Loan for All American Car Wash & Lube

I can’t thank everyone, at SBA-Capital, enough for making this possible. Working with you, Mike, Steve, Judy, Abigail, and Roxie was amazing. You guys made it a very smooth and easy process. We’re very excited about what the funds, and our vendors, were able to accomplish in just 42 days! Big Man was a pleasure to work with, and we look to forward to what we are now able to offer. Once again, we send our gratitude to all that made this possible. 

Larry Ayers

Owner, All American Car Wash & Lube

Securing funding to pay off short-term debt and adding funds to renovated and expand your business can often be a difficult process without a comprehensive and customized restructuring plan.  Hershel Pierce, CEO of SBA-Capital, consulted with the owner of a successful Car Wash & Lube Center who needed $7M in long-term financing to pay off some short-term debt and also include $1.5M to renovate and expand his business.

Working together with  Larry Ayers, owner of All American Car Wash and Lube a creative plan was developed to secure long-term financing and pay off the short-term debt. The owner’s risk was reduced significantly with long-term financing which also lowered annual financing cost and included $1.5M in renovation funds to expand and grow the business. The restructuring plan involved working with and keeping all parties informed including four banks, three separate car was operations, two lube centers, plus the equipment vendors for the $1.5M renovation.

This restructuring plan also included renovation cost with supporting budgets, a proforma with five-years of projections, securing appraisals and environmental reports, plus create an all-important global cash flow for the business. with the commitment and assistance from everyone in the re-structuring group, the plan was developed and approved by the lenders in less than 60 days.

Restructuring provided many benefits to the owner including the freedom to make daily and long-term business decisions without being concerned about a short-term loan that is coming due. The best time to secure financing is when your company is performing well and has the cash flow that supports the debt service for the financing you need to operate and grow your business in a healthy and conservative manner.

This $7M restructuring concept applies to smaller or larger loans. To learn if your business is a candidate for restructuring or perhaps you need a new loan contact  Hershel Pierce at 214-726-9000 or [email protected]