Outdated Car Wash Converted to 24/7 Fully Automated Profit Winner

SBA-Capital  obtained a long term favorable loan to re-finance an existing profitable lube center and a struggling outdated in-bay car wash. Big Man Washes Distributors was engaged by the owner to design and install a 24/7 fully automated car wash. Selection of Sony’s equipment for the renovation plus the Pro-Forma by Big Man showing dramatic earnings increase for the new car wash was a key factor allowing SBA-Capital to secure favorable long-term financing.

Converting your in-bay to an updated 24/7 equipped wash can convert what may be a money-losing nuisance into a high-performance   car wash that essentially operates with no labor. As you travel around your community, you will note that many of the outdated car washes or closed because they are losing money.

The new lighting and security system included with your renovation will complement your existing business such as a lube center, convenience store, etc. Also, some owners are taking this opportunity to invest a modest amount for a facelift on the car wash and possibly include your convenience store or lube center (which can be part of your loan) enhancing the appearance of your entire investment.


SONNY’S New Digital Menu Board is the cost effective menu solution you’ve been looking for. Engineered specifically for outdoor use, this LED display is readable in direct sunlight, withstands extreme ambient temperatures, and is both impact and vandal resistant.

Learn More Here: Sonny’s Automated Car Wash Screens



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