Pre-Fabricated Car Wash Buildings: Save Time & Money




Building a car wash from the ground-up requires a coordinated effort by a team of quality, dedicated professionals. To assist you with developing your team please visit our  Tip Sheet : Construct a Car Wash  Select your “car wash team” wisely and develop a car wash construction business plan that works for your specific site and community. It is now time to break ground and compel all construction events to conform to your business plan!

Site Selection:  Car Wash Investors finally locate a quality site only to learn their SBA lender will not close the car wash loan until the city building permit has been issued.  Typically it takes six to nine months to provide the architectural drawing, engineering, survey, and other documents the city requires to issue a permit. To resolve this dilemma,  SBA-Captial developed a “One Stop Close program”.

One Stop Close Program: SBA-Capital arranges short time financing to close the land transaction now providing ample time to prepare for and secure a building permit. The One Stop Close Program also includes financing to construct the wash plus a 25-year permanent loan.

Pre-Fabricated Building – Per Timothy Hogue, President and Senior Designer, Modernwash Buildings and Solutions, Inc. designs and builds Prefabricated structures for carwash owners Nationwide per the owner’s specifications and needs. Your Modern Wash  Pre-Fabricated Building is manufactured in a climate-controlled factory setting using modern manufacturing techniques that allow for rapid deployment to the site where the owners General Contractor can erect the structure. Modern Wash will also erect the building if requested by the Owner.

Equipment – The Pre-Fabricated building will be designed and constructed to accommodate the equipment preferred and selected by the Owner which is typically installed by the local equipment distributor.

Executing Your plan – Pulling it all together as described above allows our Borrower to construct a “State of the art” wash in a timely and affordable manner.

Implementing a “COMPLETE CAR WASH INVESTOR PACKAGE” provides a “step by step plan” that allows our borrowers to construct a “State of the Art” wash in a timely and affordable manner.

Contact Hershel Pierce at or 214-726-9000 (mobile) for free consulting regarding financing to purchase an existing wash, renovation of your existing wash, or a construction and permanent loan for Ground-up construction.