Renovation Doubles Car Wash Revenue & Increases Revenue For “C” Store

Convert an old in-bay roll over into a Xtreme Xpress Mini Tunnel provided you have a minimum of 35 feet. The conversion delivers a superior wash, develops or strengthens a brand that customers will return to, and deliveries many more cars per hour resulting in happy customers and higher profits creating a winning combination.  Please see  this video for a “documented explanation and advantages of converting to a Xtreme Xpress Mini wash.”

Video and table with case study regarding the advantage of converting to a Mini Xtreme Express Wash courtesy of Sonny’s

 Traffic & Profits for the Lube Center & Convenience store also Increased due to the success of the car wash.


Locating land and securing a permit, for a typical tunnel can be a difficult task as everyone in the industry is aware. Finding the above-described outdated in-bay wash to convert into a Xtreme Xpress Mini Tunnel may not be as difficult in your community as well as communities throughout the US. Existing outdated in-bay car washes may not have a nice appearance due to age, lack of upkeep and the City is usually happy to issue a permit for your renovation (a win, win, for you and the City). The Xtreme Xpress Mini Tunnel will likely be washing cars within 10% of the time it takes to purchase the land, design the wash and obtain the permit, plus construct the car wash.

The Xtreme Xpress Mini Tunnel does not compare in revenue to the popular  Express Tunnel but the cost is substantially less; sites are much more available, and you can start washing cars much sooner. In summary, the Xtreme Xpress Mini Tunnel may be an option you should consider as part of your business strategy.

SBA-Capital lenders provide financing for the Mini Tunnel and the Express Tunnel because the financial performance of both are superb. Contact Hershel Pierce at SBA-Capital for details.