Eco-Friendly Car Wash Recycles 100% of Captured Water

SBA-Capital invites you to visit the  Bio Pro-Limited video and view how to reuse 100% of the Captured water from your car wash.  Construction & Permanent Financing provided by SBA-Capital made it possible to construct the high-tech Pure Wash in Austin, TX.

The Pure Wash owner’s innovative business plan included the installation of an Aqua Bio’s Pro-Rain water harvesting system specifically designed to collect rainwater that falls on a location’s roof and the paved lot.

According To Their Website: How Aqua Bio’s Pro- Rain Works 

The Pro-Rain water harvesting system has been specifically designed to collect rainwater that falls on a location’s roof and/or paved lot.  In most cases, the rainwater collected will be soft water and have a pH range of 6.5 to 7.5.


-All rainwater from downspouts and lot drains flows into the Vortex separation unit where gravel, sticks, leaves, and other solids are separated from the water.  These separated contaminants are then sent to the storm sewer.

  • Once the solids have been removed, the rainwater is sent to the underground storage tank where it is aerated to eliminate odor which can form in stagnant water.  An ultrasonic unit floating in the tank sends out ultrasonic sound waves that destroy any algae that may grow in the stored water.
  • When the stored water is needed for use, it is pumped back into the wash facility.

Pure Wash engaged Modern Wash to custom design and manufacture steel beam components in their factory and assemble the pre-cut steel beams on site and selected Big Man Washes to install Sonny’s high-performance car wash equipment.

SBA-Capital, specializing in car wash financing nationwide, worked closely with Pure Wash during the planning of the car wash to secure construction and long-term permanent financing. For information regarding Car Wash financing to purchase an existing car wash or ground-up construction contact Hershel Pierce at [email protected] or call his mobile at 214-726-9000.